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Man Finds Wedding Ring Atop A Carrot 3 Years After It Went Missing

By Nia

Losing something that you value the most can be quite painful. But what happens when you are reunited with your prized possession in the most unexpected way? Or if it just appears magically when you least expect it?

Well, this is what happened in the case of an 82-year-old man hailing from the small town of Bad Münstereifel in Euskirchen district, Germany.

It is believed that when the man was working on his garden, he had apparently stumbled upon a carrot crop that looked a bit different from the other crops.

When the man had a closer look at the carrot, he noticed a shiny band that was wrapped around it. The band gave the crop the appearance of having a tiny waist.

As he cleaned the mud off from the band, he got the best surprise of his lifetime! The man saw that the band was the gold one that he had lost a few years back!

Naturally, he was super excited as the band was the wedding ring he had lost three years back!

As per records, the man and his wife were celebrating their golden wedding anniversary in their garden. But unfortunately, he lost the ring that day.

The man was unable to recall where he could have misplaced it, and he did search the whole place everywhere and hoped that he could still find it.

Unfortunately, the search proved futile and the old man began to lose hope. It is said that on the other hand, he always wished that his wedding band would magically reappear!

Just like a miracle, the man found the ring in the carrot crop grown in his garden! Never did he imagine that he would find it on one of his crops.

Later, the man analysed that the ring had probably slipped off his finger while he was working in the garden. Since it got buried in the soil for so many years, it luckily got the chance to resurface in the form of the sprouting carrot!

Sadly, his wife passed away during this time and the old man truly wished to find the ring, in memory of his beloved wife.

Though the man wished that he could have found the wedding ring six months earlier before his wife passed away, nevertheless, it was a happy ending.

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Story first published: Thursday, July 18, 2019, 17:00 [IST]
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