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Everything You Need To Know About Sperm Donation Machines!

Being a sperm donor needs a lot of courage and self-less attitude towards life and if you do not enjoy the process of donating with the old-school method, it can be quite boring.

Hence researchers have come up with a unique machine that helps the donors with the feel and sensation of a "vaginal environment" and is a hit in the market.

Check out more details of the same.

The Device Is Called...

A device has been invented and it is called as the "Automatic Sperm Extractor." The device has been clinically-approved to help hospitals and clinics to collect sperm from donors who are reluctant to masturbate the "old-fashioned" way.


A Video Of The Machine Was Posted On Social Media

A video of this special machine was posted by a Twitter user @AngryManTV and since then it has been making its rounds on social media with thousands liking and commenting on it.

The Functioning Of The Machine

The mechanical functioning of the machine has an opening that thrusts itself rhythmically and it can simulate sexual actions like as massage, sucking, twitching and vibration for a "fast and safe" semen collection. The users can also change the amplitude, frequency and temperature of the machine as per their needs. For those who are short or tall, they can also adjust the height to suit their needs, which makes this machine a hit in the market.


The Machine Also Functions As...

Apart from helping men with their semen collection, it is reported that it also helps in treating premature ejaculation by using "strong currents that have an impact on the penis as it rubs the glans. As a result it helps in reducing the excitability of nerve endings and regulate the sex nerve center as well."

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Story first published: Tuesday, April 16, 2019, 18:06 [IST]
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