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Everything About Black Diamond Apples

By Nia

Mix breeding of different fruits gives birth to a unique range of fruits. Even though the fruits belong to the same category of hybrid foods, they differ in their texture, colour and taste too! If you are wondering what we are talking about, then read on.

Black Diamond apples are real and they are only grown in the mountains of Tibet. These apples are a breed of Hua Niu apples which are known as Chinese Red Delicious.
Scientists reveal that the apples get the perfect dark purple colour as they grow on an elevation of 3100 m above the sea level.

The perfect temperature differences between day and night play a significant role as the fruits get a lot of sunlight through the day and the ultraviolet light gives the apples the perfect colour.

It is reported that due to the low temperatures at the mountains of Tibet, the Black Diamond apple trees require to bear these beautiful dark apples and their growth rate is much lower than average.

It is seen that most of the apple breeds reach their maturity when they are 2 to 5 years old. But these special trees require no less than 8 years to give the right produce!
The Black Diamond apples are purple in colour and they have gleaming and a nice texture.

People assume that the apples are not real as they shine like a diamond. Since the fruit is so exclusive and unique, it is not produced in bulk quantity as it can only be found in a select number of high-end supermarkets around the world.

The fruit is usually sold in gift packages of 6 to 8 fruits. According to China News, the price of these beautiful Black Diamond apples is around 50 yuan per fruit.

Having less information about this fruit only creates doubts amongst readers whether the dark purple apples really exist or the photos circulating online have been enhanced to make the fruit look darker.

The answer remains a mystery until people share their experience of consuming these beautiful 'black diamond apples'.

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