The Different Shades Of Eyeliner & Why You Should Use Them

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Aren't we all sick of using the same old black eyeliner or kajal pencil that we have been using for the past decade or so? Different eyeliner shades can impact your entire look in different ways and you must try them.

The internet has brought with it access into the amazing ways we can use makeup for multiple uses. Before this, we were all very oblivious to the fact that using, for example, a white eyeliner can actually benefit you. Like why would anyone want to use a white eyeliner, right?

However, trying something different from the usual can surely make heads turn. This post is meant to help you figure out how different shades of eyeliners can help you look your best when you need it.

And then of course there are many mascara and eyeshadow tricks too that can help you change up your entire look, but this post doesn't focus on that. So, keep reading to find out how different shades of an eyeliner can change your look.

1. White: Go buy a white eyeliner as soon as you can. These can make the eyes look bigger. It makes a huge difference to your appearance, and you'll see how those compliments will start flowing in.

different shades of eyeliner you should try

2. Nude: If you had a rough night, or if you were up all night reading or watching TV, things we don't encourage by the way, you need this little baby in your vanity. Nude eyeliners would make your eyes look instantly brighter and make it look like you've had a well-rested night.

different shades of eyeliner you should try

3. Black: Love that sexy smoldering look? Or just a basic bold eye look? Then this is the shade to go for. There's nothing better than a deep, charcoal black eyeliner shade.

different shades of eyeliner you should try

4. Brown: Looking for something a little more natural than a black eyeliner? Then, go for brown. Brown is a lot more subtle and gives a similar effect and is a much better option to choose from for your everyday wear.

different shades of eyeliner you should try

5. Grey: Grey has the same smoldering effect as the black one, but it actually works better if you want something that is not too harsh.
different shades of eyeliner you should try
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Story first published: Tuesday, October 25, 2016, 23:00 [IST]
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