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Dolls Outnumber Humans In A Village In Japan

By Nia

With the one child rule, countries like China and Japan have been on the receiving end. With this rule set in, the people of these countries are left with no choice than to work even in their old age.

According to geographic stats, it is seen that the rural and mountainous region are listed on top of the list of areas that show depletion in the human population. Here is one such village where the number of humans is way too less when compared to the dolls.

Check the details of the place.

The small village of Nagoro is located deep in the mountains of Western Japan. Here the streets bare a deserted look with not a living soul to be seen.

It is said that the village earlier boasted a population of over 300 people. Now the population has diminished to as less as 27 people!

To remove the loneliness amongst the villagers, a local named Tsukimi Ayano decided to place a few human-sized dolls on the streets. It is said that the 69-year-old doll maker has made many dolls which are over tenfold the number of humans in the village, in the past 16 years.

The doll maker revealed that she had made her first scarecrow 16 years ago and she had dressed him up in her father's clothes. She made the scarecrow doll to prevent birds from eating the seeds planted in her garden.

She makes the dolls by using materials like wooden sticks and newspapers. She also uses elastic fabrics for skin and wool material for hair. To make the dolls look more humanly, she applies a bit of make-up that includes pink colour to the lips and cheeks.

Anyone who visits this village will be fascinated to see these human-sized dolls being scattered around every nook and corner of the village.

Ayano revealed that there are no children left in the village and the youngest is 55 years old. Looking at the declining population in these tiny villages, the Japanese government has pledged to revive the regions outside Tokyo.

Story first published: Tuesday, June 25, 2019, 17:30 [IST]
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