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    Odd Couples Who Define That Love Is Beyond Looks!

    Unusual Couples That Are Happy Together | BoldSky

    We all know that love is blind, but a person who is fortunate enough to find out what true love in this world is should cherish it and never let go of it unappreciated.

    A set of odd couples who make us understand that love is beyond physical attraction has been mentioned in this article. Seeing them will only make us realise that love is blind.

    Odd Couples Who Define That Love Is Beyond Looks!

    Here, we present to you the list of the not so famous odd couples who look odd to the world, but are perfect in their sweet little world!

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    So, check out their amazing love stories on how they're made for each other!


    Tom Robinson And Sue Brearly

    Tom was one of the most famous gay men in Britain. He had his share of fame when he sang the song "Glad To Be Gay," which was a national anthem in the gay community for almost 10 years. Then, he met ‘Sue Brearley', a woman and the couple fell in love. Though he claims that despite falling in love with a woman, he is still a homosexual. The couple are still married and also have children together.

    Image Courtesy: Bothways

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    Joelison Fernandes da Silva And Evem Medeiros

    This couple surely deserve to top the list of the odd couples. Joelison is a 7 feet 8 inches tall man. He had spent half his life in hiding because he was ashamed of his height. But despite his uniqueness, he found the love of his life and is married to her. His wife Evem's height is 3 foot smaller than him. He became quite a bit of a celebrity in Brazil. Joelison says of Evem: ‘The day I saw her I think it was love at first sight.'

    Image Courtesy: Pinterest


    Amazon Amanda And Sergio Miranda

    Amazon Amanda is a wrestler by profession. She is 6 feet 3 inches tall and weighs 270 pounds. She found love in one of her biggest fans, who is a 5-foot-3-inches man named Sergio Miranda of New Jersey. Sergio revealed that he has "always had a fascination with big women,"while on the other hand, Amanda loves short guys, as she feels they ‘try harder to please her.'

    Image Courtesy


    Charity Pierce And Tony Sauer

    This pair is a sheer example of true love. Charity suffers from obesity and Tony is her soon to be fiancée whom she met through her daughter. The couple are madly in love and as reports suggest, Charity is in all plans to shed her extra kilos before the D-day.

    Image Courtesy: WikiFeet


    Anton Kraft And China Bell

    Anton Kraft is a dwarf and is said to be the strongest man in the world. He is just 4 feet 4 inches tall. He had earlier claimed that he loves to date women who are one foot taller than him. But love finds its place in some of the weirdest ways and Anton found love in China Bell, who is a transgender woman from Florida and stands 6 feet 3 inches. Apparently, their love story started when China found Anton's weightlifting to be very sexy and was simply bowled over by his workout sessions!

    Image Courtesy


    Woody Allen And Soon-Yi Previn

    This couple will surely raise your eyebrows, as the couple were a father-daughter duo who turned into husband and wife! Soon-Yi Previn was apparently the adopted daughter of Mia Farrow, with whom Woody was in a relationship with from a couple of years. Love blossomed between the two and the couple married and now they have adopted two children together!

    Image Courtesy: Twitter

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    Story first published: Tuesday, January 23, 2018, 10:22 [IST]
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