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Video: Hair Extensions Of A Woman Went Flying During A Wild Brawl

This viral video is one of the hilarious things that is doing rounds on the social media, which shows women fighting inside a Walmart store, in Reynoldsburg, Ohio.

The video is way too funny, as it shows hair extensions of a woman that are spread all across the floor and the employees of the Walmart store are seen picking it!

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Find out more about the incident at Walmart, where hair extensions went flying across in the most fun way.

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The Women Are Seen Fighting

The four women who are seen in the video were noticed fighting inside a Walmart store, in Reynoldsburg, Ohio. One of the women is seen grabbing onto another woman's hair extensions and then...

Within No Time The Extensions Came Out!

It hardly took a few moments for at least a minimum of seven extensions to get ripped off the woman's head! Her hair was seen scattered across the floor.

The Employees Tried Breaking Up The Fight

The employees were seen trying hard to break up the catfight. Luckily, the women stopped, but the damage was all done, as the poor woman's extensions were seen all over the floor and she did not even have the time to collect it.

The Women Were Asked To Leave The Store

There were other women and shoppers who were seen in the video that were yelling at these women and asking them to leave. The women reluctantly left.

The Cause Of The Fight Is Not Known!

It is unclear as to what caused the fight and whether or even if the police was called to the scene or not. But this is a fight that netizens will surely remember for a long time.

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The Video

This is a funny action video, which has gained mixed emotional reactions for its content. We only wish that the poor woman got back her fake extensions!

What do you think? Let us know in the comment section below. For more interesting viral content, stay tuned to our section, as we bring you the most interesting content from across the world.

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