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Twitter Update On Seat Swiping Leads To A Cute Love Story Unfolding!

One can fall in love at any point of time, anywhere with anybody or just anything and this case is a proof that all it takes is just a spark!

Here, we are sharing details of a Twitter user by the name Rosey Blair as she shared a sweet experience of what she had on a flight to Dallas.

Rosey Blair had asked a woman to switch seats with her as she wanted to sit next to her boyfriend. She even joked that "maybe her new seat partner would be the love of her life." She felt the man and the woman would be an interesting pair as they seem to work on their fitness.

The rest is history as Rosey shared a couple of tweets that unfold the events of the couple's conversations with their hands touching each other and eventually the couple were seen leaving the airport together!

Check out the tweet series, and we bet you would love it!

It all started with...

It all started with the seat-exchange.

She feels something will surely brew between the guys!

Fitness seems to be the common thread that ignited their spark.

Wow, both are single, and it seems they are ready to mingle as well!

Even the baby on the flight senses romance brewing between the couple!

Constant update on what's happening!

We are glad she has covered the face of the girl!

Also, so of the man!

She believes all this is happening as she played the role of Cupid!

Things start to steam up!

Wow! These guys know how to initiate things!

We wonder how loud are the couple that these guys seem to hear everything!

Nah! Don't think they are buying it!

However, hold on! They need a reason to get a little more close!

And finally the touch!

Wow, things seem to get quite faster now!

When they are getting comfortable with each other.

We are sure by now people reading this thread know what's coming next!

Finally, the couple walk out of the airport together!

We wish the couple good luck too!

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