Woman Asked For Goodbye Kiss & She Ended Up Biting His Tongue

Relationships do not have to end in a healthy manner and breakups are the worst in this matter. When we are in love, everything seems to be rosy, but when things go sour, it can turn out to be your worst nightmare.

Most of the breakups that people go through, do not seem to end on a healthy note and this case is a perfect example of things going wrong during breakups.

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This is the case of a woman who bit her boyfriend's tongue when they were sharing their last goodbye kiss.

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It Happened In China!

Going by the records, one can always witness some of the most bizarre happenings in China. This 23-year-old man in eastern China had to be rescued by the police, after his soon-to-be ex-girlfriend bit his tongue and refused to let go of him.

The Incident Happened In Public

According to a few onlookers, this bizarre incident happened when the man had asked to breakup with the woman, and the couple had an intense argument, after which she demanded a last goodbye kiss from him.

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She Bit Him Real Hard!

Once the couple decided to share their goodbye kiss, the woman bit the man real hard and there was a little that the man could do and was wailing in pain on the street.

He Was Forcefully Rescued

It is reported that the woman was tough, as she was not ready to let go of the man, even though she was holding his tongue between her tongue real hard. Apparently, to release the man's tongue, people out there had to make use of a pepper spray for her to let go of him!

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He Was Set Free Finally!

Since she was real tough to be handled, using a pepper spray worked, as she instantly let go of his tongue. It is reported that the man is stable and he does not have any life-changing injuries on his tongue. He was discharged after examination.

Her Parents Claim

The woman's parents explained to the cops that their daughter had recently become 'mentally unstable' when she was scammed while shopping an online stuff, and this could be the only reason for her unexplained behaviour!

Whatever Be The Reason!

We're glad the man is safe and getting your tongue bitten off is the last and the worst nightmare that you can ever have when you breakup with your ex! Isn't it?

What is your take on this? Let us know in the comment section below.

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    Story first published: Monday, May 28, 2018, 15:01 [IST]
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