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WTF! Woman Accidentally Poured Hot Chilli Sauce On Her Man’s Private Part!

When people decide to have some fun with their partners, accidents are bound to happen and this is one example of it.

A woman shared a funny incident, in which she almost killed her boyfriend when she accidentally used hot chilli sauce instead of lube.

Check out the entire episode as the couple discovered the best remedy for using yoghurt to cure genital burns!

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The Couple Are...

Anna-Marie Richardson is a 28-year-old care worker from Brighton. Her boyfriend Doug Bartlett is a 28-year-old guy who is also a company manager, from Brighton. The woman shared one of their adventurous moments going wrong online, when they got frisky in the kitchen after a few drinks.


The Couple Met Online

Anna and Doug had been dating for just a few months after they met on an online site. But one night, things seemed to get too hot when they got drunk.

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The Accident Happened

During the foreplay, Anna reached out to her bag to get what she thought was a lube. But, accidentally, she managed to pick up hot chilli sauce instead! She used it on her boyfriend's manhood until he screamed in pain!


He Screamed His Lungs Out!

He jumped off the kitchen table writhing in pain. She explained further that in the process, he even managed to trip over her shoe, fell over and knocked himself out.


This Was When She Tried The Yogurt Trick!

Seeing her boyfriend getting cold, she decided to use the yoghurt from her fridge and smeared it all over his manhood, and to her shock, the little trick worked, as it was the perfect way to cool the genital burns!

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This Incident Made Their Bond Stronger

She further added that he was all right and needed some ice-packs to heal himself from the accidental burn and this funny incident did help the couple bond well.

So, what do you think of this story? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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