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What Your Sitting Position Reveals About Your Personality

Sitting Position reveals Personality | आपके बैठने का तरीका खोल देगा सारे राज़ | Boldsky

Do you believe that our mannerisms can reveal a lot about our personality? Well, according to psychology, it is revealed that the sitting styles and the body language reveal a lot more than just being postures.

The way we sit, talk and walk can all reveal a lot about our personality. In this article, we bring in the details of the way we sit and what it can tell about our personality.


Several positions help us identify a lot about a person and what can be expected from that person.

Check on to find out about how your sitting position reveals a lot about your personality...

Sitting In a Crossed Way!

When a person sits in a cross-legged manner, which can either be on the floor or the chair, it indicates that an individual is carefree and open. While sitting, if the position of the knees are to the side, then it is a sign that the person is both mentally and physically willing to try new things. While, on the other hand, the flexibility to sit like this indicates an emotional stability as well.

Sitting Straight With The Right Posture!

When an individual likes to sit straight in a proper straight and right position, then it indicates that the person has a great confidence level. Sitting in this position reveals that the person is being strong, reliable and willing to assist others when needed. On the other hand, it also indicates that a person is open to new experiences and will not shy away from any kind of an oncoming challenge.


Did You Know That The Way You Sit Can Reveal A Lot About You?

Sitting In A Reclined Position!

If you are a person who loves to sit in a reclining position on your back, while having the support by resting your arms, it is an indication that the person likes to observe certain situations. Such people like to evaluate each situation with participating. If this position defines you, then you tend to see things with your eyes and judge it based on your understanding. It also indicates that understanding others' feelings seems to matter a lot.

Sitting With Your Ankles Crossed!

Do you love to sit with your ankles crossed? Well, if this is the way you sit, then it indicates that as a person you are elegant and sophisticated. On the other hand, you are also down to earth and open to new ideas, thoughts and people. As this is the most relaxing position, it indicate that new experiences are something that you love a lot.

Sitting With Clutching The Arm Rests!

Sitting with clutching the arm rests indicates about a person's strength, confidence and defensiveness. Sitting in this position reveals about the individual's ability to defend themselves and the feeling of being people protective. These guys are usually thoughtful; but in terms of being observant.

Sitting In A Side Saddle Way!

If you are a person who loves to sit in a side-saddle way, then it indicates the flirty nature side of yours! It shows the natural sweetness, delicacy and caring nature of yours. Sitting in this position is also a sign that you are being open to new experiences and calling others for oncoming challenges.

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Sitting With The Hand Resting On The Lap

If you love to rest your hands on your lap, then you are a shy person in nature. This position indicates about a person's unwillingness to try new experiences and stay alone. It is revealed that sitting in this position indicates that you are gentle and compassionate; but, at the same time, you are unwilling to be mindful of other people's feelings or opinions as well!

Sitting With Shaking Your Legs

If you love to sit with your legs crossed while you shake them, it is an indication of being organised, timely and punctual. If this is you as a person, then you are a person who is considerate about the needs and wants of the others. You exactly know on how to get the job done from most people.

What is the position that you sit in? Do you agree with the revelations? Let us know in the comment section below.

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Story first published: Friday, May 11, 2018, 16:47 [IST]
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