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Elephant Rushed To Rescue Her Caretaker When He Was Attacked!

Pets are great companions who will always be by your side in any tough situation! These animals prove to us that all that they need is just a bit of love and affection and they are all ours!

This beautiful bond is highlighted in this amazing video where a 17-year-old female elephant named Thongsri is seen running to the rescue of her caretaker. The elephant is said to be very protective of her caretaker, and anytime when she sees him in trouble, she rushes to help him.

As elephants are well known for their compassion and love towards others, these animals react just like humans as they tend to experience joy, grief, and a whole array of emotions just like us. People who take care of these animals reveal that it is easy to guess how an elephant is feeling just by one look at its face.

In this video, the caretaker wanted to record the loving side of the elephant. Hence, the caretakers are seen to pretend fighting to check how much she loves and cares about her carer.

It was an instant reaction as the 17-year-old elephant seemed to charge into battle to rescue her caretaker and shoo away the person who was attacking her caretaker!

She seemed to look so concerned about her caretaker's well-being that she was protectively circling him to check if he was all fine. It plainly shows some genuinely endearing qualities that we could all learn.

One needs to remember that they should never mess with those whom elephants love, as they would step in to save and protect the ones they love in any given situation. They perfectly know how to defend friends with their life.

Isn't this video just amazing? Seeing the bond and friendship that these two share merely is inspiring!

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