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    People Wish To Drink This 2000-Year-Old 'Mixture Of Life' Found Inside An Egyptian Stone Grave

    An ancient burial site was recently unearthed in Alexandria, Egypt. Scientists found that the corpses found in the Egyptian Sarcophagus were drenched in a weird fluid.

    The moment the news spread across, researchers and various conspiracy theorists started doing rounds about the brown liquid found inside the stone coffin.

    All About The Magical Mixture Of Life

    This sent the gossip factories and intrigue scholars on an overdrive guaranteeing that the darker fluid found inside the stone sarcophagus is everything from the "solution of life" to "Mummy juice".

    The Antiquities Ministry in Egypt was moved to announce the end of the week clearing up and it was found that the fluid present inside the stone pine box was neither of those things nor was it the famous "red mercury". The announcement put out by the Ministry expressed that it was only nothing but sewage.

    The Ministry additionally said that the tomb and the stone sarcophagus inside it didn't contain the remaining parts of Alexander the Great as individuals had estimated. On the other hand, the Archeologists have begun to deal with the spare parts to discover more about the bones and fluid.

    According to the reports, since the time this tomb was first uncovered not long ago, a few people had cautioned of the condemnations that would be released upon the world if the sarcophagus was opened. These cases were additionally allegedly rubbished by the Ministry.

    The sarcophagus itself is made of dark rock, and three skeletons were found inside it, as indicated by a report by the Independent. Concerning the water, it is probably going to be sewage water that saturated the casket, disintegrating the insides of a mummy.

    Individuals have even started an online request to get to the water.

    "We have to drink the red fluid from the reviled dull sarcophagus as some carbonated, caffeinated drink so we can accept its forces lastly pass on," so goes the request.

    According to historians, Alexander the Great, who was the ruler and builder of empires had died young, and his body was not found.

    As per history, it says that he wished his corpse be thrown into the Euphrates River, but some historians seem to believe that his people actually put his body in a tomb and that it will be found someday.

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