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    WTH! He Got His Eyeballs & The Inside Of His Mouth Inked!

    There are many people out there on the Internet who make us wonder what happened to them or what were they even thinking of before doing something bizarre to themselves.

    One such is the case of Eli Ink who has stunned the world by his bizarre antics of getting his eyeballs and even his inner mouth getting tattooed!

    Eli Ink

    This tattoo addict has apparently made him get his entire body inked black, which even includes his eyeballs and the inside of his mouth!

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    Eli's Obsession Started When He Was Little

    Eli is a tattoo artist from Brighton, England. His obsession with body modification started from a young age after he saw his uncle come back from Spain with a huge tribal tattoo.


    He Began His Transformation 10 Years Back!

    Eli had started his transformation around 10 years ago. He revealed that no other person would ever understand a body transition better than him!

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    He Has Been Working On His Own Body

    According to reports, he has been spending the last 10 years of his life transforming himself into a masterpiece. Though the process of himself being completely inked is far from being finished, the results are amazingly striking!

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    He Has Tattooed Himself Around

    He has apparently tattooed most of his skin black with several coats of ink and even dyed his eyeballs and also implanted stretchers in his nose and under his bottom lip.

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    He Is A Great Fan Of Picasso

    Eli revealed to the world that he is a great fan of Picasso and all his artwork that he has done on his body has been inspired by his childhood inspiration Picasso.


    Eye Tattooing Can Be Risky!

    Although Eli has got his inner mouth and eyeball inked all black, experts reveal that eyeball tattooing can be quite risky, as it involves injecting the ink in-between two layers of the sclera of the eye and letting it spread out.

    What do you think about his bizarre look? Are you impressed or scared? Let us know in the comment section below.


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    Story first published: Tuesday, March 6, 2018, 17:59 [IST]
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