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#SocialForGood For Mental Health Awareness

By Staff

We as a generation are immutably connected than ever, thanks to social media! It would be undermining to say that social media platforms have become a part of our everyday life, as it has metamorphosed into being 'the substantial' part of our lives. The burgeoning relevance of social media escalates the level of criticism, constantly illustrating the platforms to be a breeding pit of negativity and derogatory remarks.

In recent years, there has been a cogent development in the judgemental culture of social media which constantly fed on the impasse and humiliation of its members. Switching from the minor role of an interactive multimedia system, social media platforms are becoming the voice of awareness.

Right now, we are witnessing a culture where social media has become the ultimate platform addressing socially relevant topics such as mental health-related issues, and the impact it has on its users - us! The need to communicate and share the ordeals of dealing with mental health issues and, creating awareness on the topic have been in talks interminably. But the social stigma adhered to the subject matter has made it futile to establish a supportive forum to communicate and share.

Social media has effectively become the transcendent impetus helping people to overcome the routine perceptions, and speak out. Recent surveys support the positive impact of social media by pointing out that 47% of people, under the age of 21 asserted that they find it easy and comfortable to talk about their mental health problems online.

The social media platforms give the silent sufferers a voice; a voice to break free from the taboo and discrimination. By being an open podium, the social media platforms are not only helping the individuals suffering from mental health issues but also spreads awareness on the topic to the millions and millions of people around the globe.

#SocialForGood, an endeavour coined by Facebook, is developed with the aim of bringing positive change in the way we communicate with each other on the internet, and to change the way we use social media to do good 
in our society and community. The endeavour aims to bring in changes to the stigma over mental health issues with the help of social media by celebrating real stories of impact and inspire people to do their bit to influence a positive change. The 4-hour live event will bring together some of the most influential names in pop culture, celebrities who have been advocates of motivation and growth.

Facebook India will be joining hands with Priyanka Chopra for #SocialForGood, a global force who has voiced out her opinions on the power and the positive role of social media in bringing forth the right change in our society.

The deluge of mental health awareness programs shared and promoted in the prominent social media platforms are a reflection of the changing culture, where the fragility of judgement and stigmatising are being broken. The recent years have been successful in shifting the subject matter from behind the closed curtains to the open - all thanks to social media!

The role played by social media platforms in creating awareness amongst the masses has proven to be effective, as there is a definite decline in the stigmatised treatment of mental health problems and the people suffering from it. Opening up about their own mental health difficulties, various public figures and celebrities have conduced in putting a stop to the harmful and hurtful stereotypes.

The involvement of celebrities in creating awareness on the subject matter has had a definite impact on breaking down the stigma and sparking up discussion forums, inspiring people to seek treatment. Identifying with one's favourite actor or public figure helps the individual to open up about their own vulnerabilities. It helps them to view themselves as being no different than the other person, and accepting themselves as they are. And to the others, this has proved to become an eye-opener, demanding them to probe more into the field of mental health issues.

As a society, we have come far, away from the narrow-mindedness and has learned acceptance without judgement. The various campaigns and awareness programs, conducted by charities and the public in collaboration with social media platforms has been beneficial in educating the common public on the misconceptions regarding the subject matter.

#SocialForGood Live-athon, the first of its kind will use the platform to bring awareness to causes that matter with the help of some of the A-Listers of the industry. The carefully curated guest line -up for the Live-athon consists of names such as Imtiaz Ali, Soundarya Rajinikanth, and Sonaksha Iyengar.

Let's talk about it. Tune in on 27th November from 12:00 pm onwards (IST) for a power-packed live stream, on Facebook India, Priyanka Chopra or Oneindia's Facebook page.

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