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    This Girl Might Be The First Person To Go To Mars

    With science progressing so much, you can expect humans to invade other planets and explore them at a cost. Moreover, this does not seem to be way too far.

    With minerals and traces of water being tracked on the surface of Mars, it seems like humans are all set to explore the planet and check for life-sustaining components.

    Here, in this article, we reveal to you about a young woman named Alyssa Carson who has been getting trained to be the first person on Mars.

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    Check out more details about Alyssa Carson, the first girl to go to Mars.

    Meet Alyssa Carson

    Alyssa Carson's code name is Blueberry, and she is just 17 years old. She is the youngest astronaut to get trained by NASA. She is getting prepared with A-Z training on travelling to Mars. She's seen three shuttle launches and been to Space Camp over ten times in her training period.

    Travelling To Mars Was Always Her Dream

    Since she was 3, she was inspired to travel to space. She always wanted to be an astronaut, and her father revealed about her dream as she always told him, 'Daddy, I want to be an astronaut, and be one of the people that go to Mars'.

    She Is Learning A Lot At This Age!

    Alyssa does not wish to leave any table un-turned in her training as she is currently learning to speak four different languages, which are English, Spanish, Chinese and French. Not to forget she is still in high school yet!

    She Is Completly Prepared For This Life

    Alyssa has developed her habitat with her colleagues with whom she grows her food and also conducts experiments for the past three years. Apart from this, she also knows that she cannot lead a regular life of having a family in the future, but this process does not seem to bring down her spirit of living up to this dream.

    She Is Doing Every Possible Thing To Be The Best

    She is doing every possible thing to guarantee that her spot in this mission stays as an important one. She wants to be the first one who would be manned in the Mars mission.

    NASA Has Chosen Her

    NASA has selected her as one of the 7 Mars One ambassadors who would be travelling to Mars in 2033. Alyssa would be 33 years then.

    Well, let's wait and watch on how things turn out in the coming years. Until then, we here from Boldsky wish Alyssa, all the very best for her future.

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