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    New Research Suggests Straight People Don’t Exist

    Do you think you are a straight individual regarding expressing your emotions? Alternatively, are you confused about your own identity, unless you are oddly exposed to these emotions?

    Well, we are here to share the research details that reveal that humans as straight persons do not exist! This is to break the stereotype of the apparent logic that has dictated that sexuality falls into two categories which are either straight or gay.

    straight people do not exist

    Though this sounds like an unexpected or unbelievable fact, it has been proven by research where both the sexes underwent specific tests, and the result was revealed that straight people do not exist.

    The research has undermined the long-held beliefs that are connected to human sexuality. The studies were done by looking at gender expression of individuals and by measuring their physiological response, viewing a variety of porn-related material.

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    According to the research, the findings revealed that regardless of how women claim about their sexuality, it is their bodies that tend to respond positively to both hetero and homosexual sex.

    Since women's sexuality is believed to be complicated and not within the bounds of strict hetero or homosexuality, this research plays a vital role in understanding the sexual needs and desires.

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    The idea behind this study also is believed to explore the complexities which also tackle the traditional thought processes as well.

    So, if you are wondering if the research was only done on women, then we are here to break the bubble as we reveal to you the details of what happened when men were observed for this test as well.

    Check it out...

    According to the research, when straight men were shown a picture of a woman who was masturbating, they reacted just the way a straight guy would respond. However, when the same set of men were shown details of a guy masturbating, their eyes seemed to dilate a little bit.

    With this research, the scientists were able to show physiologically that all men are not either gay, straight, or bisexual.

    The researchers further added that due to the social stigma, many individuals are not in a state to understand their own needs and sexual preferences. With the society becoming more liberal, more and more men and women seem to be opening up about their sexual preferences.

    So, the next time, somebody tells you that he or she is straight, reveal to them about this research.

    Until then, keep checking our section Insync as we bring in the latest details of the happenings around the world.

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