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    Real-life Stories Of Haunted Dolls Will Give You The Creeps

    Have you ever imagined what might be the story behind the scary haunted dolls? Do you think these dolls really have a story behind their existence or are they fake stories?

    Well, we at Boldsky bring in some of the real-life stories of the haunted dolls that will surely freak you out.

    Haunted Dolls Will Give You The Creeps

    These stories are believed to be real and according to various reports, each haunted doll has its own story and life behind it.

    So, go ahead and find out about some of the most creepy stories of the real-life haunted dolls.



    The owner of this doll sold it on an online site after he got petrified by its presence. It is believed that the owner lost his cat, after which he and his girlfriend started suffering from chronic migraines. According to the owner of this haunted doll, he could hear the doll laughing and crying like a baby when it was stored in the basement of their house. The owner also claimed that the doll seemed to have a pulse.

    Annabelle: Terrifying True Facts About It



    In 1918, a young man had bought this doll for his younger sister. His sister became inseparable from the doll until her untimely death. The family started noticing that the doll's hair was getting longer. They believe that every year, this haunted doll's hair tends to grow up to its knee after which they trim it back to just below its shoulder length.



    This is the doll that looks like it is comfortably sitting in the Fort East Martello Museum, Florida. The strange fact about this doll is that it can move across the room and follow you with its creepy eyes. The other disturbing fact about this doll is that it shocks the visitors with its presence when the visitors try clicking its pictures and the cameras start malfunctioning. It is often noticed that the electronic devices go haywire around it as well!



    According to reports, 80% of the people who visit the museum or come in contact with this doll or if they even look at her, they tend to experience some lousy reaction which can be anything from headaches to full-blown mania! It is believed that the doll's presence gave nightmares to the family and hence they decided to bring in a priest to bless their home, but the situation worsened, and the family ended up selling the doll.

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    This haunted doll is presently taken care of by the Quesnel and District Museum, British Columbia, Canada. The presence of this doll often made people feel uneasy like they were being watched constantly. The owner of this haunted doll donated it to a museum after it started making weird sounds of a baby crying. It is believed that it would also throw the windows open so that the old breeze would seep in. Well, that sounds creepy.



    It is believed that this doll leaves handwritten messages for its owners. Annabelle is the name of the mischievous spirit that is found to haunt the doll.

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