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People Who Performed Surgery On Themselves And Survived!

Can you imagine cutting yourself open and conducting an operation on yourself? This sounds gross, but do you know that there have been people who have operated themselves and even survived these scary surgeries?

Though this seems to be unbelievable, one needs to have real guts to even look inside their own body and find the fault and remove it while being awake!

The thought of it can give many nightmares, but these brave individuals have accomplished the unimaginable, after they had a self operation on themselves and also survived it to share their story too!

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Jan De Doot

According to reports, in 1651, a Dutch blacksmith named Jan de Doot had apparently performed an open cystolithotomy surgery on himself to remove a painful bladder stone. It is reported that he had undergone two similar surgeries earlier and it was done by stonecutters and this was extremely painful.

Since he was not prepared to undergo such pain again, he left the stone alone and this caused him an immense amount of pain. Hence, he decided to operate himself. He along with the help of his brother made an incision and pulled out the bladder stone, which was of the size of a hen's egg.

He later got the cut stitched by a healer. He had even kept it as a souvenir and is even said to have painted it in gold!

Ines Ramirez Perez

Ines Ramirez Perez had lost her baby in her previous pregnancy and she was determined on going to any extremes, in any case of an emergency. She felt pains in her belly and it was something similar to what she felt previously and she did not lose time when she felt when her water broke. She used a kitchen knife with a 15-centimeter blade and before she started operating herself, she had three small glasses of liquor, after which she tore an 18-centimeter hole in her abdomen, and shifted her organs to a side before pulling out her baby.

All this was done without anesthesia. Later, she asked one of her children to get a person who would stitch up her wounds. She was later taken to the hospital and discharged 5 days later. The baby and the mother were doing good.

Aron Ralston

Aron Ralston amputated his own arm when he realised that he would not get aid and would have to die starving if he had decided to stay back in an accident where he rappelled down a slot canyon in Southeastern Utah. He slipped down and this caused a boulder to dislodge and his right arm got trapped against the side of the canyon.

He struggled to remove his arm, but there was nothing he could do, and hence he decided to amputate his arm. He used his body weight to break the bones of his arm against the stone before he used the multi-tool to cut the tendons, flesh, and tissues around his arm. He later clicked a picture and moved out to safety where he was rescued.

Roland Mery

Roland Mery did a sex reassignment surgery and he survived! In the year 2009, a 61-year-old Roland Mery from the UK needed a sex reassignment surgery. He had visited a hospital, where he was told that he needed to wait for two years. This is when he decided that it was too long for him to wait.

Hence, on one fine morning, he took some painkillers and went into his bathroom with makeshift surgical tools. He removed his genitals and called out to his wife to get medical assistance. However, his wife was not allowed to follow him to the hospital, as they thought that the woman had attacked him.

Later, the doctors revealed to him that the surgery that he had performed on himself was just so perfect that it did not need much work on it.

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Story first published: Tuesday, June 26, 2018, 19:15 [IST]
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