Woman's Bones Vanish Before Doctors' Eyes

Have you ever got the crazy thought of your bones vanishing one fine day? No, right? But we bring in a unique case of a woman whose bones seemed to disappear!

This strange case of a woman's bones disappearing seems to baffle the medics, as the x-ray shows the bones disappearing over a period of time!

Check out the details of the mysterious medical condition of the woman whose bones seemed to disappear.


The Mysterious Case

It is reported that the 44-year-old woman was previously healthy. She consulted a doctor when she experienced increasing pain in her left shoulder. During the X-ray, medics saw a lesion in her humerus bone, which is the bone in the upper arm. It was assumed to be cancer. But her biopsy results didn't show cancer. After several months, she underwent another biopsy, which revealed a benign blood vessel tumour.


She Continued Having Pain

The woman continued to have pain and swelling in her arm for several months. Her bone apparently started getting fractured from just minor injuries. About 18 months when the doctors went through all the scans over the period of time, the doctors realised that her bones were vanishing! Both her humerus and her ulnar bone seemed to be disappearing on the X-ray report. The reports also showed that blood vessel growths were replacing her bone tissue.

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The Doctors Diagnosed Her With

The unnamed woman was diagnosed with Gorham-Stout disease, which is also known as "vanishing bone disease." It is revealed that, it is an extremely rare condition, in which people experience progressive bone loss.

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The Cause For This Condition Is Not Known

The medics are yet to learn about the actual cause that leads to this bizarre condition. According to the National Organization for Rare Disorders (NORD), it is reported that no genetic or environmental changes are believed to trigger this rare disease.


People Suffering From This Condition Experience...

Doctors claim that people who suffer from this condition experience abnormal growth of blood vessels and lymphatic vessel.

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There's No Treatment For The Same

Apparently, the researchers claim that there is no standard treatment for the condition. In a few cases, surgery has been suggested where the affected bone areas are removed and radiation treatment is done to prevent the disease from spreading.
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    Story first published: Saturday, April 7, 2018, 12:38 [IST]
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