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    Real Life Story: Customer Refused To Tip Waiter With A ‘Muslim Name’

    There are thousands of Muslims, Africans and other individuals who undergo discrimination at every point of time.

    People who claim that religious discrimination or gender discrimination does not exist any longer should take a reality check as these things still exist.

    man refused tip to muslim man

    The shocking bit is that some of the most developed countries seem to be knowingly or unknowingly encouraging this.

    Here is one such example of a guy named 'Khalil Cavil', who is from Texas, who took to Facebook to share the shocking words written on a bill that read "We don't tip terrorist", by a customer on the bill receipt for him.

    Check out the whole story.

    Meet Khalil Cavil

    Khalil hails from Texas and he works as a part time worker in a restaurant in Texas. He got a rude shock. Since the bill displayed his name Khalil, the customer seemed to have violated the humanitarian rules and had become a discriminator as he wrote on the bill that read "We don't tip terrorist".

    He Is Not A Muslim Man!

    As we digged into his social media account to find out more details about him, it revealed that the man only has a Muslim name and is not a Muslim in fact!

    Yet He Shared His Story!

    Even though the mean comment written on the bill should not have mattered to him, he did not think twice before sharing his experience of how the world still looks at Muslims.

    His Post

    The Moment His Post Went Viral He Has...

    The moment his post has gone viral Khalil revealed that he has been getting money as tip and even moral support from people across the world. He posted.

    What is your take on this? Let us know in the comment section below.

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