Real-life Stories: Mother Who Froze Her Babies In A Freezer!

What is the worst thing a mother can do to her child? There are very few cases of mothers who've harmed their children that have done the rounds and this is one of the worst cases, which we are sure can leave you disturbed for quite sometime!

This is the case of the heartless mother who was recently arrested for killing two of her babies by killing them in the worst way one could ever imagine!

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Check out the details and the reasons for which the woman took such an extreme step of killing her own babies!

She Suffocated Them

It is believed that the woman had apparently suffocated the newborn babies and later froze their bodies in the home freezer for years. She had apparently placed their bodies in her own freezer.

Her Husband Knew Of Her Doings

Apparently, the woman's partner knew about what the woman had done with the newborn babies and this is something which he knew for several years before he called for the cops on the woman as a revenge for breaking up with him.

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She Has Been Jailed

It is reported that the woman has been jailed for 9 and a half years after the police discovered about the cold blooded murder that she had done of her own children.

The Reason For The Murder Will Leave You Shocked!

According to reports, the woman claimed that she killed her babies because she believed her husband didn't want any more children, as the couple already had their own kids.

Her Bones Were Broken Even Before She Was Born! 

Her Pregnancies Were Kept A Secret

Apparently, the woman was using contraception; however, it had failed on both occasions, as she got pregnant both the times, despite using the contraceptive. Each time, she'd managed to keep her pregnancy a secret, and had given birth while she was at home, all alone.A Couple

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The Saddest Fact Is That The Babies Were Alive Before Being Frozen!

According to the autopsy reports, it is claimed that the babies were still alive when they were placed in the freezer and died of hypothermia as a result. Both the babies were kept in 2 different plastic bags each!

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She Did Not Want To Part Away!

The reports claim that the woman seemed to be mentally disturbed, as she claimed that she did not want to part away from the dead babies and hence wanted to keep them closer to her and decided to do so!

Why Didn't She Abort Them?

After knowing her case, when the officers asked her as to why she didn't get the babies aborted instead of killing them this way, the woman claimed that she had no health insurance, nor a driver's license to go to a clinic. At some point of time during the investigation, she also claimed that by the time she considered abortion, it was already too late!

We are not sure how a mother could do this! What kind of a punishment do you think she deserves? Let us know in the comment section below and for more interesting and bizarre stories, keep checking our section.

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    Story first published: Wednesday, April 18, 2018, 11:50 [IST]
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