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Doctors Removed A Healthy Kidney Thinking It To Be Tumour

There are so many bizarre cases that have taken place in operation theatres.

This one case of a healthy woman being left with a lifelong ailment due to the mistake and negligence of the medics cost her heavily as she was left with only one kidney for the rest of her life.

Apparently, the doctors had mistaken her healthy kidney to be a cancerous organ growth and removed it.

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Check out this bizarre case of how the woman is left to suffer through the rest of her life.


She Visited The Doctor For Medical Aid

Maureen Pacheco was apparently suffering from severe back pain for years after she survived a car accident. She checked in to Wellington Regional Medical Center to get herself healed from the constant pain that she had in her bones. She even had her lower back fused.


The Doctor Spotted A Huge Mass On Her Pelvic Bone

The doctor who was operating her had apparently not checked her two MRI reports which clearly showed that the patient had a pelvic kidney which was believed to be hale and healthy. The doctor spotted a mass in her pelvis and declared it as an emergency. He decided to remove Pacheco's healthy kidney before he allowed his colleagues to proceed with the procedure.


She Woke Up With A Shock

She thought her back pain would vanish after she was operated. But unfortunately she got a shock of her life as she was left with just one kidney, and even a risk of chronic kidney disease and renal failure as well. Though she fought a legal battle for the medical error that happened to her and she won the case, there was very little that the medics could do to fix her condition.


Pelvic Kidneys Are Nothing To Worry About

Medics reveal that the pelvic kidneys are perfectly fine renal organs which do not seem to ascend to the normal abdomen region during foetal development. The person will not face any health issue due to the positioning of the kidneys.

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What do you think of this case? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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