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Real-life Story Of The Man Who Was Trapped In A Child’s Body

This is the story of the 'pint-sized man' whose actual name is "Manpreet Singh." He just weighs 5 kg and is 60 cm tall. His cheeky smile grabs the attention of all and his innocence can make one feel pity on him. But his witty tricks will make you realise that he is a real prankster as well!

Well, this is the story of a young man who is 23 years old. He lives in a small village in India and is believed to get the attention and love of his villagers, as they believe he is an incarnation of the Gods.

Check out more details about his story...

He Was Born In India

The young man hails from Mansa in the northwestern Indian state of Punjab. He just weighs 5 kg and is 60 cm tall. Due to his stunted growth, he cannot walk and he can only speak a very few words like "maa" and "mama". Since he cannot walk properly, he must be carried everywhere.

He Is Also Called The 'Pint-Sized Man'

When Manpreet was born, he was healthy at birth, but he apparently stopped growing after a year before he could start walking or talking. He now needs to be taken care of like a toddler and should be carried everywhere by his uncle and aunt.

A Little More About Him

Manpreet is said to suffer from swollen palms, feet and he has a large face with saggy skin. His uncle reveals that he is only able to say a few words and he primarily communicates through gestures. Manpreet can laugh, scream and cry; however, he cannot talk or have a conversation.

About His Family

Manpreet has a sister, who has just turned 17 and he also has a brother named Mangaldeep. Both these siblings seem to be physically and mentally developed. Apparently, Manpreet stays with his aunt and uncle, as he is happier with them. His aunt revealed that though they drop Manpreet at his residence, a couple of times, he gets sad and refuses to eat food, and when he is with them, he is in his best joyful state. Hence, they've adopted him.

People Worship Him

The locals in his adopted home are believed to worship Manpreet, as they think that he is an incarnation of God. Many villagers regularly visit to his home and receive the blessings from him. There are several videos on social media that show a steady stream of devotees visiting him and kneeling before him. It is also seen on how Manpreet playfully pats on the head of the devotees.

About His Condition

Doctors believe that young Manpreet could be suffering from "Laron Syndrome", which is a rare genetic condition. But, unfortunately, he is yet to be diagnosed, as he comes from a very poor background and his family is unable to pay for the preliminary investigations, which could cost them more than £5000.

About The Condition

People living with "Laron Syndrome" suffer from lack of a hormone called insulin-like growth factor 1, or IGF-1. These hormones are said to stimulate the cell growth and divide to form new cells.

His Family's Take On His Condition

The family has been worried about his condition and his future, hence they visit various different doctors, but again due to lack of funds, they tend to let go of the tests and treatments they are asked to get done for him.

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Story first published: Friday, May 4, 2018, 13:26 [IST]
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