If Only You Think Your Friends Show Off You Must See These Spoilt Rich Brats

By Needhi Gandhi

When your parents are rich and they pamper you any day and every day, then you will definitely feel and also understand that you can buy anything and everything under the sun. You will believe that nothing is impossible for you. You will get all the luxury and materialistic happiness you want or ask for any time.

You just need to create a wish list and give it to your parents. The next day they will have it for you. You want to look different from the common people because you are rich and you have so much wealth. You do not like simple and regular things in life.

You possess a strong desire to be different from others and you simply avoid using or wearing anything that the common people use and wear. Finally, these so-called rich people show off how rich they are on social media. The following posts will give you an idea of how arrogant these spoilt rich brats are.


Meet The Rich Kid From California

This kid tried to park his Aston Martin and got scratches on it. The next day he met with an accident and guess what? No, no, he was not scolded for that, instead his father gifted him a new car on his birthday. A Bentley is what he got after crashing his Aston Martin.


He Has No Idea Of The Traffic

One of the most irritating things is the traffic in London. But this guy is lucky enough not to experience it. He has a helicopter for travelling and he also uses it to visit a restaurant and have lunch.

Rashed Belhasa, A Rich Kid From Dubai Is Ruling Social Media!


Such A Tough Day He Is Having

Oh god, his life is so difficult. What a bad day this guy is having. Wish his friends could help him in making such a big decision of his life. Such a poor soul!


Daddy Is Such A Sweet Person

He was very confused. He could not decide which one to buy. But yes, his daddy is the ultimate saviour. He bought his son all the 5 iPhones. WOW! Such a sweet daddy he is. He loves his son so very much. I hope my father also acted so nicely with me sometimes.


Hope School Days Are Fun

She had such a lovely vacation of two months in Spain and then she had to finally leave for her school. Her father finally made arrangements for her departure on this private jet. This luxurious private jet also could not bring a smile on her face. Hope she has a good time back at her school.

Crazy Things Super Rich People Have Bought


Holidaying In Private Yacht

His uncle heard that his summer vacation was for two months, so he asked his mother to send him to Michigan. The kid was happy that his uncle asked him to spend his vacation with him. He was having a great time with his uncle in his private yacht. One of the best summer vacations till now that he has spent.


The Kid Got His Best Birthday Gift

He was really excited about his 14th birthday as on his last birthday his father gifted him a helicopter. He was very excited to find out what gift his father bought for him on this birthday. His expectations were high and it was only raised by his father. But his father did not disappoint him. He got his best birthday gift, a Patek Philippe watch and a Porsche. Rich father and lucky son.


She Took The Proverb Way Too Seriously

This young lady fell sick one day and her doctor recommended her to have an apple daily. But now she got apples for the entire month. LOL! Well, jokes apart. She has a huge collection of iPhones and apple MacBook, which her father bought for her. It looks like she is very much fond of these stuffs. At least she will have a new one whenever any one of it is damaged.


Finally Ready For The School

Summer holiday was over and it was time to get back to school. She could not decide which stuff to carry with her while going back to school. Finally, her mother made it easier for her. She packed all her stuff she bought with her pocket money from Prada, Louis Vuitton and also the iPhones and the apple MacBook. Finally, her packing was done and she was ready to leave for her school.


What A Memorable Easter She Had

No one gifted her Easter eggs and she also did not have any idea where to get it form. I guess she was also least bothered about getting Easter eggs. And yes, she atleast got gifts from Chanel, Dior, Cartier and many other brands. Her father gifted her all those. Finally, she could celebrate her Easter happily and that too without Easter eggs.

These rich kids have crossed all the limits of show off and they often brag about their wealth. Seems like they give a damn about what others think and just lead a life "King Size" and we are so jealous! What about you?

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    Story first published: Thursday, January 18, 2018, 12:12 [IST]
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