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    Real-life Story Of The Hairdresser Who Infected Men With HIV

    Making love has evolved over the period of time. It is not something that people pay more attention to, as one night stands have become a common thing today.

    Amidst this, how sure are you that the person you are making love with is all clean? Going with the heat at the moment can cost you a lot more than what is needed!


    This is the case of a man who deliberately infected 10 men with the HIV! All this he did was to just take some revenge!

    Check out the story of the man who deliberately infected other men with the HIV.

    He Is...

    He is Daryll Rowe, 26, who is a hairdresser by profession. He is alleged to have deliberately infected 10 men with the HIV. Even though he was diagnosed with the condition, he did not take the required medicine.

    He Never Wished To Take The Medicine

    Daryll was not happy with the medicine that he was prescribed by the doctors, hence he searched online for alternative tricks that would cure him of the condition.

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    He Insisted On An Alternative Treatment

    Apparently, he believed that drinking his own urine through the day helped him to treat the virus and he could thus avoid taking prescription drugs. He had also been treating his own genital warts and herpes with apple cider vinegar and olive leaf extract.

    He Found Men On A Gay Dating

    In order to spread across the HIV, Daryll targeted men on a dating site and insisted on having unprotected sex with them, as the men gave up, he assured to them that he was clean.

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    This Was Not Until...

    Once Daryll apparently made love to the men he found on the site, he would text them and reveal about passing on the deadly virus to the men. One of his texts read: "Maybe you have the fever... I have HIV. Whoops." In another he wrote: "I ripped the condom. I got you."

    He Deliberately Tore It!

    Apparently, few of the men who were involved with him claimed to have used the protection, but later it was revealed that Daryll had ripped or cut the tip of the condoms to infect his victims.

    He Believed He Was Cured

    When he was nabbed by the police, he claimed that he was cured, as he strictly followed the alternative treatment. But the cops did not want to believe his side of the story.

    Currently, He Is Under Arrest

    With the men coming front and complaining about the infection being spread, he was nabbed and confronted.

    Do you think what he did to the rest of the men was really needed? Let us know your thoughts about the case in the comment section below.

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