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Google Is Honouring The Woman Who Helped Clean The Seas Off The Nuclear Bombs: Katsuko Saruhashi

The biggest search engine Google has released a new doodle today, which is honouring the Japanese female Geochemist, Katsuko Saruhashi for her contributions in the field of science.

It would have been her 98th birthday today and Google has released a doodle to honour her.

Google Doodle Honours Katsuko Saruhashi

She is the woman who has helped clean the seas off the nuclear bombs. Find out more about Katsuko Saruhashi's contributions in the paragraphs provided below.


She Broke Many Barriers

She made an impact on the society norms. She was the first woman who earned a PhD in Chemistry from the University of Tokyo in 1957. She was also the first woman who was elected at the Science Council of Japan in 1980.

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There Is A Lot More That She Achieved

There is a lot more that she achieved back then, as she was also the first woman who won the Miyake Prize for Geochemistry in 1985. This an award that was named after her mentor, Miyake Yasuo.

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Her Research Included

Her groundbreaking research focused on acid rain, the different radioactivity level which was spread through oceans, and she even tracked the CO2 levels in seawater. Her research helped in contributing towards stopping the test of nuclear warheads in the ocean as well.

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She Promoted Women Working In The Field Of Science

To promote women empowerment, she also started the Society of Japanese Women Scientists in 1958. The motto of starting this mission was to have more women contributing to the fields of science and world peace.

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