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Google Doodle Celebrates Day 3 Of The Pyeongchang Winter Olympics

As the 2018 Winter Olympics Games have started off with Google marking the event with a new doodle everyday.

The event is being held at Pyeongchang, South Korea. To mark the occasion of the ongoing colourful ceremony, Google has introduced a series of Snow Games Doodles.

Doodle Celebrates Day 3 Of Olympics

Today's doodle, which marks the third day of the Winter Olympics, features a polar bear making its way through the gates at top speed, clawing a path to the number one spot.

Google Celebrates Day 2 Of The Winter Olympics 2018 With A Doodle

The polar bear is seen skilfully going down the slope. At the end of doodle, the polar bear quips, "Whew! It's all downhill from here!"

Doodle Celebrates Day 3 Of Olympics

The Google's Snow Games Doodle is the third in a series of 17 from the internet giant's developers. There will be a new doodle everyday, to mark the Winter Olympics that'll go on from February 9 to February 25.

Doodle Celebrates Day 3 Of Olympics

So, watch out for this space to know more about the new doodles that will be coming up in the days to come.

Doodle Celebrates Day 3 Of Olympics

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Story first published: Sunday, February 11, 2018, 12:01 [IST]
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