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A Goat Gives Birth To ‘Half-pig Half-human’ Creature Sparking Curse Fears

There are so many cases of genetic mutations, and the results are quite disturbing. This is one such case where a farmer got a shock of his life when he discovered what his family goat had given birth to.

The farmer discovered a 'half-pig half-human' animal when his goat gave birth and he claims that the birth of this strange looking creature would bring in bad luck.

Check out the details of this bizarre incident.


The Incident Happened In Philippines

The incident was reported from a smallholding in Sultan Kudarat, Philippines. In the farm, a goat had given birth to an unusual-looking animal, which literally looked like a 'half-human, half-pig' creature.

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The Vet Performed A Caesarian Section

The farmer named Josephine Repique had apparently called in a vet who had performed a Caesarian section on the pregnant goat. The vet removed one healthy kid while the other one left the vet and others baffled as it looked half-human, half-pig.

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The 'Half-human, Half-pig Looked Like

The young creature was born without fur, and it seemed to have shiny, pale skin. It even had trotters and a remote-looking belly button. It was much bigger than the other litter-mate. Sadly, after giving birth, both the newborn babies and the mother died. This created a fuss among the villagers as they believe the strange-looking animal would bring in bad luck to its owner and the entire village.

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The Researchers Claim

The researchers claim that this case is a perfect example of a genetic mutation. It is believed that the pregnant goat had contracted a disease called "Rift Valley fever" from mosquito bites and as a result, this had caused the impaired development of the infant.

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Story first published: Thursday, November 22, 2018, 12:51 [IST]
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