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Real Life Story: What Happened To The “Frost Boy” Of China

Pictures can be really powerful. They have the power to play with our emotions with its intensity.

Here is one such case of a Chinese boy, whose picture had gone viral, so much so that the boy had been named as the "frost boy or the ice boy", as per what was seen in the pictures.

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There was aid pouring in from all across China, but a saddening thing happened to the kid.

Find out what happened to the funds that Wang Fuman was supposed to receive after people offered him help.


He Walked To School In -9 Degree Celsius

Wang Fuman walked 3 km under freezing temperature of -9 degree Celsius. He became the talk of the town when his picture went viral. He was seen with his hair and eyebrows coated in frost. He apparently walked around 3 kilometres in the chilling cold weather conditions to give a test at his school.


As His Picture Went Viral…

After his picture went viral, many people rushed to help him and the other children in China's Yunan province, as the temperature dropped to as low as -9 degrees Celsius. People who contacted the school administration wanted to know how they could contribute to improve the learning conditions for the children.

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Funds Were Raised To Help Him

People raised funds for the frost boy after seeing his picture on the internet. It is reported that the school received around 50 Lakhs in donation. But as fate had it, the boy's family just got a fraction of the amount. To be specific, Wang's family got just around 80,000.


The Funds Were Distributed By The Government

The government of China decided that the rest of the money that was raised for the cause will be used to help other less-fortunate children in the area. A statement was revealed that students studying in Wang's school will receive 5000. But this move from the government sparked a lot of controversy in the country.


But People Were Not Happy With The Decision

People who had donated the money were not happy with the government's decision and said that the funds were meant for Wang alone and it should not be distributed among other children. And there were some good samaritans, who believed that the money should be distributed because this way it will secure the future of many more kids.


The Fund Money Was Put In Use

It was reported that the funds included 20 heating equipment and 144 sets of woolen clothes, which were also donated by the people after the little boy's picture went viral. The heating equipment are said to have been installed in the school and the authorities had also arranged a job for Wang's father.


Your Opinion

What do you think? Is it right on the part of the authorities to distribute the donation money among the other school children or Wang should have been the right owner of the money? Let us know in the comments section below.

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Story first published: Friday, January 19, 2018, 18:16 [IST]
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