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    Have You Heard About Footsie, The New Toe-wrestling Competition?

    Footsie sounds very fetish! However, this is a game that is gaining popularity in China and people are so addicted to the game that there are even bets being placed on the players!

    This is all about the bizarre game that has got the younger generation hooked to toe-wrestling!

    footsie competitions

    Check on to know more details about this unique and bizarre game gripping the youngsters of China!

    The Game Is All About...

    The game involves two opponent players to lock their feet and attempt to pin each other's foot down. The organisers believe that this game serves as a warm-up session to the visitors or the park-goers before they enter the water.

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    The History About The Game

    According to historians, this bizarre sport was started in 1976 in a pub by four drinkers in Staffordshire, UK. This was a game invented in an attempt to find a new competition for Britishers to dominate. Since then matches for this bizarre game have been held at The World Toe Wrestling Championship every year!

    The Game Is Getting Popular In China

    This unique competition is being held at a waterpark in Chongqing city in China. The game has gained popularity in a short time period, and its fever is spreading.

    The Gamers Undergo A Lot To Win The Competition

    Imagine the resistance of what the participants undergo as they tend to take the competition seriously. They end up laughing and giggling as the sole of the feet feels ticklish.

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    The Winners Get

    The game is mainly played in a waterpark in Chongqing city in China. The ultimate champion can win  free tickets worth 90 yuan (£10) to the water park. However, since the game is gaining popularity, people are also playing this game for individual wins.

    What Is Your Take On This?

    What do you think of this game? Would you try playing this game? Let us know in the comment section below.

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