Have You Heard About The Sex Surrogate Therapy?

Have you ever wondered or even thought about the reason on why people visit prostitutes? The only thing that strikes our mind is that these men are often horny and frustrated, but there can be other reasons as well.

In this article, we are about to discuss about the sex surrogates which is often seen as a controversial form of sex therapy.

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Here are some of the details of this unique therapy that most people are not aware of. Check them out.


What Exactly Is Sex Surrogacy

This is the therapy where one counsels individuals, especially for men who have either intimacy issues or are suffering from erectile dysfunction.


They Do Not Work In A Brothel

These sex surrogates do not work in a brothel or they do not advertise online. They get their clients from psychologists who refer their clients to them when the person needs help in working on their intimacy issues.

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The Session Is All About…

The sex surrogate session begins with a lot of talking, it further proceeds to simple touches and in a few cases, the clients are asked to masturbate to help them understand where they are going wrong. There are times when one might also indulge in sex, but this is usually the last step of the therapy.


One Of The Sex Workers Explained The Work As...

When one of the sex workers was asked to explain about the job, she revealed: "I SAT in the hotel room waiting for my client. The lights were turned down, the room was warm, comfortable and ready for his arrival. I didn't know much about him before we met but I did know he had experienced traumatic relationships with the women in his life, and I also knew that he had erectile dysfunction and he ejaculated prematurely. I knew his sexual inadequacies were causing him distress and pain - in fact, that's why I was there. As a sex surrogate, this is my area of expertise - using intimate touch and intercourse to help heal a whole range of problems, both sexual and otherwise."

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This Therapy Is Still Illegal

It is said that sex surrogates are known to operate openly in countries like Israel. On the other hand, in countries like Australia, it is done secretly, as it is seen to be a controversial form of sex therapy still.

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For The Women

Women do not have to be disappointed, as this therapy service is also available for women where men attend the female clients who need help.

We ain't sure when this service is coming to India though. Let us know what is your take on this in the comment section below.

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