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    When Doctors Discovered 10,000 Stones From Nutritionist’s Gallbladder

    It is often told that one should often practice what they preach as it is important.

    People often think that doctors are saints and they do not fall ill. But the fact is that doctors are also humans who need to take care of themselves, and they can get sick too.

    This case is an example of a doctor who is a nutritionist by profession and is believed to have been suffering from a rare condition. He had 10,000 gallbladder stones.

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    Check out the story below.


    He Had Severe Stomach Pain

    According to various reports, the doctor who is named Chowdhury had severe stomach pain for one and half month. He ignored the symptoms, but eventually ended up going to the hospital when the pain was severe. The USG showed that the doctor had gallbladder stones


    The Doctors Had No Idea About The Number Of Stones

    The doctors who operated this nutritionist had no clue on what they were about to discover as the number of gallbladder stones was really high. The doctors revealed that they counted 10,356 stones and eventually had to stop. Though the surgery that was performed on the nutritionist is said to have taken only 40 minutes, counting the stones is believed to have taken a much longer time than expected.


    This Is Not The First Case

    Doctors revealed that this is the second reported case that is happening in Kolkata in a short span. In the first one, when Dr Makhanlal Saha had operated upon a patient, the man is said to have had about 12,000 stones.

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    Factors That Cause Gallbladder Stones

    Individuals who have had high cholesterol and triglyceride levels are believed to suffer from gallbladder stones the most. They suspect that the deposition of cholesterol might have caused the formation of the stones. Apart from this, genetics and sedentary lifestyle can lead to stone formation in the gallbladder.

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    Story first published: Saturday, September 1, 2018, 16:54 [IST]
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