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WTF! Doctor Pulls Out A 15-cm Long Worm From A Man's Eye!

There are several bizarre cases of worms being found in humans that have been reported previously.

But this case where a 15-cm-long live worm being found in a man's eyes can leave you shocked when you have a look at the video.

Check out the details of what happened when the doctors removed a living worm from a man's eye.


The Incident Happened In India

This bizarre case was reported in Karnataka, India, where a 60-year-old unnamed patient had a slithering worm moving around in the white material of his eye.

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The Worm Was Identified As...

The worm was identified as ‘Wuchereria bancrofti'. This worm is a human parasite which is considered to be the primary cause of lymphatic filariasis. These filarial worms are believed to be spread by a mosquito bite.

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The Case Is Rarest Of All

Doctors reveal that this is one of the rarest cases, as the mosquitoes biting inside the eyes is not common. The larvae of the mosquito getting into the bloodstream and growing inside the human body is very rare. Check the video below to see how the doctors removed the live worm from the man's eye.

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The Doctors Reveal

In this case, the doctors revealed that the patient had to be immediately operated to save his eyesight. The man is currently recovering.

What is your take on this story? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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