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Video Of Blind Elephant’s Reaction On Hearing A Man Playing A Piano

Most of us know that elephants are kind, wise and graceful animals. Even though they seem to be thick-skinned, they are tender at heart, and this is something that makes humans get attracted to them!

A recent video has been doing its viral rounds where a blind elephant had a moment that she will never forget. A kindhearted classical pianist opted to play Bach to her in her natural mountainous surroundings.

In this heartwarming clip, the British pianist Paul Barton seems to be playing the upright piano among the trees; while the elephant, Lam Duan, appears to be listening intently. The elephant took to the music to such an extent that she swayed left and right in tune with the melody.

Paul Barton from the UK regularly performs at concerts and he had a heartwarming experience when he played the music in this experiment where the reaction of Lam the elephant is seen clearly.

While the music is distinguished from other sound waves by harmony, sound waves affect all living organisms as well as any other element of the environment.

It has been scientifically proven that animals are believed even to enjoy the subtleties of music, as it relaxes them and as the blind elephant seems to enjoy the beautiful Bach that Paul is playing, it is one of the soothing videos you would see online.

According to the British pianist Paul Barton, he performed Bach compositions for a single listener who gratefully participated in the experiment. He revealed that the 62-year-old elephant Lam Duan was swaying to the beat of the music, and listened to the piano music.

As a musician, he has not met a more grateful listener in the many years of his career, and we cannot agree more!

This time, in a sort of an experiment, the pianist performed classic pieces of piano for an extraordinary audience: elephants, who act as his regular listeners.

Paul is so in love with the elephants that he now lives in a world of elephants in Thailand with his wife, and they take care of almost 28 animals.

The 57-year-old pianist revealed that his heart was broken when he first saw Lam Duan in reserve in 2012. He claims that she was very restless. Now that he plays music, the elephant calms down and "dances" to the music as well!"

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Story first published: Monday, July 23, 2018, 19:30 [IST]
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