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    Shocking Case Of Drunk Father Kissing His Son's Fiancée

    When a person is drunk what is the most embarrassing thing that you have witnessed? We bet this case takes away the cake! As the father of the groom ended up kissing the fiancée on her lips!

    Check onto know the bizarre incident that happened in China and the groom who was left embarrassed for his father's act.

    We bring in more details about the incident to you...


    It Happened In China

    According to sources, it is reported that this incident happened in China. The drunk father kissed his new daughter-in-law at a wedding banquet in east China. The incident happened in front of his son and dozens of guests.


    It Was An Unexpected Gesture

    In the video, one can see how the father walks his son's fiancee on stage and in no time is seen smooching the girl forcefully! Even though the man was said to be drunk, his action was not acceptable!

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    It Is Believed

    According to the sources it is believed that the stunned son had beaten up his father at the reception. But it was later clarified that no such scene had happened, while the father expressed deep regret for his behaviour.

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    The Video Went Viral

    Once the video went viral, there were many stories that cropped up where it was being said that the father committed suicide due to embarrassment and a fight broke up between both the families. While nothing of these turned out to be true, the father was left with a red face.

    We Wonder What Next!

    With such bizarre instances being reported and the stories being twisted for the sake of juicy gossip, it makes us wonder where the world is heading. What is your take on this? Let us know in the comment section below.

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