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This Dog Has A Human Face And It's Freaking People Out

This Dog has a Human Face & It's all over internet | Boldsky

This creepy viral picture of a dog is taking the internet by a storm! Can you imagine a human look-alike dog which is for real?

Well, check out the details of this dog that has become a worldwide sensation, all thanks to his eerie human-like facial features, and we bet the wink in the video in the article would surely creep you out!

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Meet The Dog Yogi!

Meet Yogi, the dog who is a 1-year-old Shih-poo dog. His picture went viral and it shook the internet; all thanks to a photo of him that totally resembles a human face!

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It All Started When People Noticed His Eyes!

Yogi's owner named Chantal Desjardins had apparently posted pictures of Yogi along with his sister Darla together on her Facebook account. It was then that people noticed her dog had the eyes of a grown man! FREAK!!

Image Source: Facebook


He Doesn't Look Real!

Since the time Yogi's pictures have gone viral, people are keen on finding out if the dog's face is for real or is it just another face swap app, that people are using to fool the world, but for those curious souls out there, he is for REAL!

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His Wink!

To prove that he really exists, check out the video in which he is calmly looking at the camera and even winking! We bet, many of us out there would find this hard to digest, as it is one of the creepiest things that we would have witnessed!

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