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Shocking! This Woman Is Married To 5 Brothers!!

When the world is fighting for the rights of 'Triple talak' and other moral issues, there are a few practices, which seem like people are no sooner going to leave!

Here, in this article, we are sharing the story of a woman named 'Rajo' who is married to 5 siblings and claims that she is the luckiest woman in her neighbourhood, as all her husbands love her equally.

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Check out more on this interesting story of the woman and her family. Such shocking cases are the reasons why STDs are spreading and it is only right for people to be aware of the wrong practices being followed.


She Is From Dehradun...

Rajo lives in a village near Dehradun, where she is living with her 5 husbands and claims that she is happy and content with all of them.

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It Is A Family Tradition!

According to the family, this is a tradition that the family has been following since ages and claims that the members will follow it in the future as well.


The Tradition Is Inspired By...

This tradition has been inspired from the epic Mahabharatha in which the 'Pandavas', who are five brothers, are married to a single woman named Draupadi.


Another Reason For This Ritual…

Another main reason for this practice being followed is Fraternal Polyandry, in which people marry the same woman due to a very small number of women living in the area.


Her Kid…

She has an 18 months old kid; but according to the family, none are aware about which sibling is the dad, as Rajo is apparently sexually active with all!


Her Husbands' Ages Range From 18 To 34 Years

All her husbands' ages range from 18-34 years and the family claims that there is no jealousy amongst the brothers, as Rajo spends equal time with all of them.

Guess it would take a longer time than expected for India to change! Do share your thoughts on the same in the section below.

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