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Which Finger Should You Wear Your Gemstone Ring On?

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Gemology is all about studying stones and what exactly is the significance of each stone. There are many gems that are sourced from the nature and they are said to be highly powerful in drawing energies of the elements that make it powerful.

Here, in this article, we've shared some of the details as to which finger is considered the best for wearing a gemstone ring.

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Find out more about the aspects that play a major role in signifying the importance of placing a gemstone on the right finger.


The Male And Female Concept!

According to the Hindu belief, there is a concept called Ardhanari, which symbolises androgynous form of Lord Shiva. It is said that the right half is that of male (Lord Shiva) and the left half is said to be of a female (Parvati).


The Male And Female Concept Contd.

The thumb rule of wearing a diamond ring for both men and women is said to be different. Men are supposed to wear the ring on their right hand while women should wear the ring on their left hands.


Why Right Finger Is Important?

It is said that the gems corresponding to the planets should be worn in the correct fingers to get the desired results. Studies reveal that choosing the wrong finger for a particular gem can reverse the result as well as yield negative results, hence it is important to take care of these criticalities.


The Index Finger…

According to the Vedas, it is believed that wearing a ring on the index finger has to do with a person's ambition, power, authority, self-esteem and desire to lead. This finger also represents the desires for recognition as a person or ego.


The Middle Finger...

The middle finger is also known as the finger of Saturn, as it represents its traits and qualities. Wearing a ring on this finger represents our role in our lives, and about the things that are central to us and to our personal world.


The Ring Finger…

It represents the creative and artistic qualities of a person, hence choosing a ring for this finger is ideal to a great extent.

But according to the Vedas, the scholars need to check on the actual star signs of the person before recommending the ideal finger for them, as it can vary from a person to person.

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Story first published: Tuesday, March 21, 2017, 15:43 [IST]
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