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    Your Unconscious Doodles Can Reveal A Lot About Your Personality

    What Do Your Doodles Say About You?

    Do you know that the types of doodles that you draw while you are thinking of something, or when bored, can help reveal a lot about your personality?

    The type of circle that you draw can help reveal if you are a genius or an introvert!

    How Doodles Reveal About Your Personality

    Most of the common doodles that we draw have their own meanings and here we bring to you the meanings of these random drawings/doodles that we all often do.

    Check them out...



    Those who draw rings and circles are generally considered to be introverts. Though they are introverts, it can be a sign that they are in need of emotional harmony in their life.



    If you love drawing spirals, then you are a genius! It is a sign that internally you do not suffer from difficult problems. You know how to handle your day-to-day issues easily as well.

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    The Stick Figures!

    If you have been drawing doodles of people that are made with just lines, then you might be isolated on the social front. Drawing different types of stick figures can also be a sign of being an emotionally unstable person.


    An Eye!

    There are various analyses for different types of eyes. If the eye is closed, then it means that the person is refusing to look inside of themselves emotionally. A closed eye doodle means that the person is not able to handle what he/she sees.
    If the person draws a big open eye, then it means that the person has an outgoing personality. On the contrary side, if the eyes are not big and seem to be peering, it means the person feels that he/she is being watched closely.


    Your Own Name

    If you love writing your name all the time, then you might be a little self-absorbed and a bit narcissistic. You can also be a little self-centered and subconsciously busy thinking about your ownself.


    Different Animals

    These doodles are interesting, as there are a variety of different animals that one can draw.
    If you love drawing ferocious animals like a tiger or a wolf, then it represents an angry subconscious personality.
    If you love drawing a fox, then you are probably up to something or you are believed to have a sly personality.
    If the doodle is a squirrel, then you are in need of shelter or protection.
    If the drawing is of a lion, then you tend to see yourself as the king of the jungle and you tend to believe that you are superior to all of those around you.


    Different Geometric Shapes

    Drawing squares or triangles, diamonds, or any other geometric shapes reveals that you are a very cautious person. It can also mean that you have a pretty stubborn personality as well.

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    Different Arrows

    If the doodle arrow is facing on to the right, then it means that you are obsessed with what the future holds for you.
    If the arrow faces to the left side, it means that you might be stuck in the past.
    If the arrow is pointing down, it means that you are arrogant and self-centered.



    This is the most common doodle. It is a pretty good sign that you would like to be a star yourself. You love being the center of attention. On the other hand, if someone is drawing stars with too many points, it can be a sign of depression.



    If you love to draw a pretty sun with flowers and clouds and if the drawing depicts a bright and sunny day, it can be a sign that you have a really positive outlook towards life.


    The X's And Crosses!

    If you are often drawing big X's, then it probably means that you are feeling guilty about something that you have done.


    The Houses

    If you love to draw small symmetrical boxes which represent houses, then it means that you have your plans well thought-out of in advance. You are most likely or unwilling to change your plans for others.


    The Checkerboard

    If you doodle a checkerboard design in your drawings, it can be an indication that you have a problem which you are unable to solve for quite sometime. Drawing chess or checker boards can be a sign of indecisiveness.



    Drawing this can be a sign that you are serene and calm as a person. Maintaining peace in your life is important. On the other hand, this doodle honeycomb patterns can also reveal the subconscious desire to get married and start a family!

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    Story first published: Tuesday, December 5, 2017, 15:57 [IST]
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