How Alphabets In Your Name Can Influence Your Life

The name of a person is said to be quite influential when it comes to defining his/her personality. Even in the Puranas and other mythological books, naming ceremonies have been given a lot of importance.

From the first letter to the letters that are repetitive or even present in the name, these alphabets have their own importance and significance.

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Today, we have listed out how different alphabets in a name can define a personality. Continue to read this interesting bit.


Letters: D, M or T

When a person's name has either the letter 'D, M or a T', he/she is believed to be a hard-working individual. These guys are said to have a great sense of business and they need to do something on their own. It is said that these people find success, when they start working on themselves.


Letters: P or F

If people have the letters 'P or F' in their names, or if the letters are a repetition in their names, it is believed that they turn out to be quite successful in their lives. They also have a great mind, which they know how to use at the right time. It is also believed that their personality will affect the people around them.


Letters: C, G, S or L

If a person's name has either a 'C, G, S or L', then it indicates the person as being good natured and wise. These guys are known for their sweet, kind and caring nature. Throughout their life, they are believed to enjoy being people's favourite. They also have a musical talent.


Letters: V, U or W

When people have the letter 'V, U or W' in their name, it means that these guys are humanely grounded and have a lot of compassion present. They would never run away from responsibilities or chances to help others who are in need. They remain deeply and emotionally connected to their families. Luck is always on their side.


Letters: E, N, H or X

When an individual has the letter 'E, N, H or an X', in his/her name, he/she is believed to be benefited by monetary gains in life. These individuals never have to worry about how money can make its way into their lives.


Letters: A, I, J, Y, or Q

People who have the letters 'A, I, J, Y, or Q' (or if any of these alphabets are repetitive) are known to be overtly ambitious. They also love their freedom and moving away from their loved ones is a no big deal for them.


Letters: B, R or K

People who have the letters 'B, R or a K' in their names are believed to grow on to be quite sensitive in nature. They are believed to be very touchy and are extremely possessive in nature. The only hindrance in their lives are said to be their insecurities.


Letters: O or Z

People who have the letter 'O or Z', in their name are believed to have a deep connection with religion. They are always believed to be involved in religious work and charity. Apart from this, they are academically driven and stubborn in nature as well.

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    Story first published: Monday, September 11, 2017, 18:36 [IST]
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