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Unluckiest People Who Ever Lived

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There are a couple of many unlucky people on this earth. Read on to know how destiny played tricks with them on different occasions. Their luck has worked against them many a times.!

Here is a list of the world's unluckiest people on earth. These are the guys who have undergone certain situations in life and have gained attention for it.

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Check out the list as it includes people who have cheated death with their luck and even been present during different terrorist attacks!

Read on to learn about these interesting people!


John Lyne

According to reports this man has escaped sixteen fatal accidents! In all these accidents generally a person would die. He was hit by lightning, run over by a delivery van and hit by a bus. Not enough? The list is more as he nearly drowned to death, was propelled by a catapult that had smashed 8 of his teeth and he has survived many car crashes and yet managed to survive like a boss!


Roy Sullivan

Between 1942 and 1977, this man was hit by lightning on seven different occasions and survived all of them. He is also recognised by the Guinness World Records. But unfortunately, he shot himself in the head in 1983 at the age of 71!


Frane Selak

He was travelling by train from Sarajevo to Dubrovnik in January 1962, when tragedy struck. All the 17 passengers were killed and he escaped death with just bruises and scars. After this he was travelling in an aeroplane, when suddenly the door blew away from the cockpit, forcing him out of the plane; even then all the passengers died and he escaped unhurt. After this he even survived a couple of accidents as well!


Jason and Jenny Cairns-Lawrence

These guys are a couple who were present in cities, when three major terrorist attacks happened! They survived the 9/11 attack and they survived the suicide attack that took place in London. After all this in 2008, they even survived the Mumbai attacks. Must say crazy trip they have had!


Costis Mitsotakis

He was the most unlucky man in the village as all the rest of the villagers won lottery amount from the $950 million dollars. Each person received at least $130,000; however, he took it sportingly and cheered the rest who won the cash!

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Story first published: Tuesday, February 7, 2017, 11:45 [IST]
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