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    The Mystery About Bruce Lee's Death; Revealed!

    By Shibu Purushothaman

    Lee Jun-fan popularly known as Bruce Lee is the founder of the martial art Jeet Kune Do, which is one of the popular wushu or kungfu styles.

    Bruce Lee is one among the famous personalities who is appreciated not only for his martial arts but also for many justified reasons. The cultural star continued to teach people how to live in harmony and love with the universe.

    He always emphasized on making peace with them and wanted to penetrate the art of martial art in the world. Bruce Lee is still remembered to be the great icon of martial arts cinema and a figure to idolize by modern media and India as well.

    As a kid, each one of us has associated Bruce Lee as the king of martial arts and dragon! He is known as the craftsman who mastered in making significant changes in the basic martial art moves, which were later followed by others.

    Hey, wait Bruce Lee was not only a talented martial artist but he was also a great poet. Yes, when Bruce Lee was not lifting up his legs and training others, he was making peace with poems. We still crave to catch the fresh moves of the legend but the world was left shocked by the sudden demise of the star.

    The world's greatest fighter took his last breath on 20th July, 1973, at the age of 32. His sudden death lead to many rumours and speculations, wherein a few media agencies claimed that he died from a brain aneurysm, while others said that he was murdered by Chinese gangsters.


    How Did Bruce Lee Die?

    Few media reports strongly suggested that Bruce Lee died at the age of 32 from a brain aneurysm. However, a large section of people had witnessed the other side of the death story.

    It is believed that the Martial artist was murdered by a secretive Chinese organization for some unknown reason. The Chinese organization suspected behind Bruce Lee's death is known as "triad"

    However, the real cause behind the death of Bruce Lee is believed to be Cerebral Oedema. It is a disease which leads to a swelling in the human brain that inturn causes unusual behavioral patterns to be noticed and difficulty in breathing for the individual. Cerebral oedema was the reason why Bruce Lee fainted many times on the sets while performing his acts.


    On The Death Day:

    According to available information and facts, it is said that Bruce Lee had met the famous producer, Raymond Cho in Hong Kong for his next film, 'Game of Death', on the same day he died.

    The meeting was held at 4 AM and it was said that Lee was suffering from a severe headache. After the situation went out of control, Lee's friend Betty Ting Pei, gave him an analgesic medicine, which is basically a combination of two drugs - Aspirin and Meprobamate.


    His Planned Dinner With George Lazenby

    On the same day, Lee was supposed to have dinner with actor George Lazenby over a discussion of the movie. Lee did not turn up for the dinner, in fact, his headache was getting worse. The artist was quickly rushed to Queen Elizabeth Hospital where he was declared dead.


    Post-mortem Reports

    On further inquiry, post-mortem reports indicated that Aspirin and Meprobamate had an allergic reaction, which led to increasing his brain size by 13 percent. This harmful reaction also caused an increase in the cerebrospinal fluid, which resulted in the ultimate death of the legend on the very same day. Bruce Lee's body was returned to Seattle, where he was actually buried.


    Did Chinese Gangsters Kill Bruce Lee?

    After Bruce Lee's death, another report started circulating around. Where the world was in deep shock for losing a legendary artist, few people claimed that Lee was actually killed by Chinese gangsters.
    The reason behind the murder was not known; but the claims lead to further inquiry on the same. However, no proper evidence or proof was found on the same. Even to this day, various experts are still working to find out the real reason behind Bruce Lee's death.

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    Story first published: Thursday, December 7, 2017, 22:15 [IST]
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