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Man Played Guitar While Undergoing A Brain Surgery!

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Music can heal any kind of an emotion and it is so soothing to the body and soul. It can make us realise that music has the power to cure many things.

A recent case of a man who underwent a brain surgery, while he was playing guitar when being operated on, makes us realise that technology and music are reaching their high ends!

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Bengaluru Musician plays guitar during Brain circuit surgery | Oneindia News

Check out the details of this interesting case of the man playing a guitar in the operation theater.


Who Is He?

A techie-turned-musician, who apparently was suffering from a condition which is known as musician's dystonia, was being operated on. This 32-year-old man from Bengaluru, India, played the guitar while he was undergoing a seven-hour-long brain surgery.

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What Is Musician’s Dystonia

It is a neurological muscle disorder that causes involuntary muscle contractions, cramping three fingers on the left hand. Musician's dystonia occurs due to abnormal and involuntary flexion of muscles, because of rigorous use.


What Actually Happened...

He had apparently started feeling cramps in his three fingers on his left hand. The cramps first started a year-and-a-half ago due to long hours of practice, and last week, the man went under the knife for it.


How He Was Treated…

Doctors asked him to play the guitar as they operated to locate the affected areas of the brain. The treatment involved opening up the skull and "burning" the parts of the brain that were causing the convulsions.


He Faced The Problem When He Was Playing The Guitar

As the man suffered from the problem only while playing the guitar, he was asked to continue playing it during the surgery. This was done to provide the real-time response to help the doctors target the exact problem area and perform the procedure with precision.


Why Was This Done?

It is said that the seven-hour surgery relieved him from this condition and the doctors had "burned down" his brain's portions, which actuated the abnormal vibrations in his muscular tissues when he played the instrument to assist them locate those muscles that were upsetting the regions.


Doctors Revealed…

The operation was successful, and within three days, the man could return home to his life of music. "I was amazed to see my fingers improve magically on the operation table itself. By the end of the surgery, my fingers were 100% cured and I could move them like before," he said.

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