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Girlfriend Who Played A Prank On Her Boyfriend About Her Own Murder

There is anything that people would love to do when it comes to getting "LIKES & SHARES" on their social media sites. They can go to any extremes to just get the attention and this is one such case.

A girl went to extremes to fool her boyfriend about her own murder. Check out on what she did to make her prank look real BLOODY!

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Though we're sharing the details about this brutal prank, we wish nobody tries this at home!
Check it out.


Details On The Couple…

This couple has been pranking each other for quite some time now and they are popular, as they have their own channel on YouTube. They are generally seen pranking on each other and this is one of their most famous pranks, as it looks real BLOODY!

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The Prankster Girl!

She is De'arra who had this wicked idea of planning her own murder, while her boyfriend was away during the day. She is seen all set to get him to believe that she is murdered for real by getting the scar makeup on and for sure, a lot of fake blood!


The Task Of Fooling Him…

To make it look real, she spilled the fake blood all over the place and all over her too. She even made those fake scars look real by adding the damn fake blood to it. We must say, she is surely crazy, as she has dirtied their entire home for the sake of her prank!


When Her Boyfriend Arrived…

The moment he arrived at home, the poor soul saw blood all over the place and rushed to the place where he saw her lying on the floor and pretending to be dead. We must say, he truly loves her, as he is seen crying at her body and trying to wake her up.


She Wakes Up Finally…

She could not control her laughter any longer and smiled at him while he looked pretty perplexed. It was surely a mean prank to be pulled on a person who truly loves you! He seemed to be really pissed at her for her act.

Check The Mean Prank Video Here!

Here is the link of the meanest prank video.
What do you think of the video, do share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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Story first published: Sunday, July 9, 2017, 13:16 [IST]
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