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Common Sexual Phobias You Did Not Know Existed

By Shibu Purushothaman

After reading about these phobias, you will be convinced that sex can be scary as well! Sex can be a natural and enjoyable part of everyone's life.

With the word sex, I know you have understood what I really want to talk about. In a nutshell, it is true that sex can give you more pleasure than drugs. True, right?

Sexual Fantasies Of Both Men And Women

With people suffering from several phobias, there are a few individuals as well who suffer from sex phobia when it comes to bed. These phobias can be strange, shocking and scary as well.

So, check out for some of the strange sexual phobias you did not know existed.


1. Vaginismus

Vaginismus is one among the least known sexual phobias found in women. In general, this is a motionless problem, which makes sex more difficult for women. For ladies, those who suffer from vaginismus, their vaginal muscles keep contracting, which makes penetration quite difficult. For ladies suffering from vaginismus, sex is a big deal!


2. Erotophobia

Another common and popularly sex-related phobia is erotophobia. Erotophobia is probably one among the phobias where a person fears talking about sex in public. They may start acting weird, refuse to talk about sex or deal with anxiety during sex talks.


3. Phallophobia

Both men and women can suffer from phallophobia, where they are scared dealing with a penis. In case of men, the phobia is related to an erection during the sexual intercourse. For women, the phobia is about touching or feeling the penis in real. Some people deal with an extreme level of phallophobia, where sex can practically become impossible.


4. Eurotophobia

This is exactly the opposite to phallophobia! In eurotophobia men or women may fear to deal with a vagina in real life. Eurotophobia is a fear of vagina where a woman fears anything coming in contact with the vagina and men fear in seeing it. Eurotophobia is generally a common phobia found in women.


5. Medomalacuphobia

This is a common type of phobia present in men! Medomalacuphobia is generally when men suffer from pressure in relation to the size of their penis and their stability on the bed. Medomalacuphobia is a condition when a man fears that he will not be able to maintain an erection. In extreme conditions, few men choose not to have sex rather than losing their erection on the bed soon.

Facts About A Woman's Sexuality


6. Genophobia

Both men and women may suffer from a high level of genophobia, where they fear about sexual interaction in real life. Women or men suffering from this problem may be scared to indulge in sex with their partner. They may enjoy kissing and cuddling, but never go beyond this!


7. Gymnophobia

Gymnophobia is a sexual phobia where a person may feel ashamed getting naked in front of anyone. They fear seeing someone else naked or be seen naked by their partner. They usually prevent getting nude in front of anyone. This sexual phobia should not be confused with discomfort of one's body shape. Even the sexiest girl with a flat tummy, heavy boobs and a perfect body shape may suffer from gymnophobia.


8. Menophobia

This is a common sexual phobia where men and women, both fear about menstruation while getting intimate. While the girl is constantly panicked about her menstruation, men suffering from this phobia are scared of seeing a sight of blood during sex. Generally, men suffer from menophobia, where they feel that the women with whom they are having sex is menstruating at that point of time.


9. Oneirogmophobia

No man or woman may be scared of wet dreams but people suffering from oneirogmophobia are scared of having wet dreams while sleeping. It may generally create havoc in one's sleep, as these people suffer from anxiety if they have one at night. According to studies, it is said that oneirogmophobia is generally a temporary component of puberty.

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