Pics Of Indians Which Prove We Are Born To Break Rules!

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'Rules are meant to be broken', and this is something that everyone loves doing.

We Indians are famous for this wrong doing, as most of us end up in breaking rules.

These are some of the pictures which prove that Indians are born to break rules and that's how we live, and some of them can be really proud of it!

The best part about the whole story is that you can get away even after breaking the rule!

Check out the ways as to how people have broken the rules in some of the most hilarious manner through these pictures!


The Entire Market On A Bike!

This guy needs to get a bigger vehicle to transport his veggies, but who cares as long as he knows how to ride that!


Pity The Train!

Though there are so many lives lost in railways accidents, people do not wish to learn from it. Instead, they love to travel this way!


Stop Cyclist Stop!

Getting late for work? Don't worry, since we are experts in crossing railway tracks, this is nothing major!


Don't Spit!

Damn! Looks like spitting around is the famous timepass of people in India. Spitting around places where it is mentioned not to spit gives a kick! Right, my friend?


Wow! This Cow Knows Better!

Damn! This cow knows the traffic rules better than the rickshaw drivers here!


The Cylinder Man!

Well, this guy surely knows how to break the rules by carrying so many cyclinders along! We wonder if the thought of safety ever came to his mind!


Foothpaths Are Also For Bikers!

Who said footpaths are for the pedestrians only? Here, people love to break rules by riding bikes on the foothpath!


Traffic Police Also Breaks The Law!

Why should the common man have all the fun, eh? Traffic police officers are no less in breaking the law, and this picture exactly shows how!


Men Will Be Men!

These men are least bothered about a woman's right and are enjoying their ride in a women's special bus!


Traffic Jam? No Problem!

Why wait for the signal to clear, when one can zoom from the other side of the road? Ain't that just so simple!! And this guy is just proving that!

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