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Panoramic Images Can Be Real Bizarre!

Sometimes, we try on the latest lens and techniques to get the perfect picture. Most of the times that we try to get a perfect picture, there are many additional ones that we click for that ONE single PERFECT picture.

During the regular photo sessions that we have, there are so many pictures that would not have the clarity or get blurred due to certain reasons; and with this if you are using a panoramic lens or a camera, the results can be really hilarious or bizarre!

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For those who are unfamiliar with this word 'panorama', it means a collage of images that are stitched together in a seamless fashion, in such a way that it appears as one large image.

This is a collection of some of the most bizarre panoramic pictures that people have clicked during their photo sessions.

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Check out the hilarious results of these pictures, wherein a few look totally disastrous!


When Mum Moves During The Shoot!

This picture is perfect for a meme, as the woman in the picture could hardly stand still while the picture was being shot. The end result is the goofed up picture of her while everything else in the picture seems to be perfect!


This Is Not A Photo Edit!

"No Man Was Killed When This Picture Was Shot!" This picture looks so real that one cannot believe it is not an edited picture. But, on the other hand, this is a perfect panoramic picture, which has taken its own time to be clicked, which makes it look highly bizarre!


When The Girlfriend Sneezed!

This hilarious picture is of the couple who was posing for a picture when the girl suddenly sneezed and the end result was this hilarious picture. We bet, he had to click a few more pictures to get that perfect shot.


During The Concert…

A guy apparently took a panoramic photo at a concert and lights changed in the middle of it. This is the result which surely looks a little weird. The image on the right side shows a sudden structure, which never existed, except in the picture!


The Abnormal Cat!

When a guy decided to take a panoramic angle of his living room, his cat decided to walk through. The end result is this - a mysteriously long cat!


When The Dad Decides To Have Fun!

This is a perfect shot when this cool dad decided to stand at different places while the camera was rolling. And the end result is perfect we must say, as he managed to pose perfectly in all these shots taken at different angles.


Failed Panoramic Shot!

Imagine if the ocean turned this way! This is how it would look if mother nature decides to be furious and turns upside down. We're glad this is just a lens' fault and not a real image! Looks highly scary though.


A Dog With THREE Heads!!

This is what happens when you decide to take a dog's picture in panoramic lens and expect the poor animal to stay still and not move around. The end result is the dog is a "Cerberus".


The Extra Long Selfie Hand!

That moment when you decide to take a panoramic photo at a museum and ended up making it look like this girl has the ultimate selfie hand! Though this image looks funny, it can creep a few with the extra long length of the girl's hand. However, we sometimes do wish our hands could extend this long for clicking that group selfie!


The Cat-dog Life!

This is a perfect example of not clicking pictures when you are drunk. The end result looks so real that we need time to realise this picture was clicked using panoramic lens!

All Image Courtesy: A Different Type of Art

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