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If You Are A 90's Kid, Then This List Will Surely Refresh Your Memory!

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If You Are A 90's Kid, Then This List Will Surely Refresh Your Memory!

We all remember so many things about our childhood that it brings a smile on to our faces every time that we think about them or even discuss about them with friends.

Kids, especially of the 90's and late 80's, have had the best times of their childhood, as these are the years when the technology was still on the developing phase and the kids had the best of the things that kept their innocence alive.

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Here are some of the best 20 things that we, as 90's kids, have used in our childhood. These things can surely refresh your memories and make you smile, while the younger generation remains clueless about it, since most of them are not available anymore.

Check them out.


The Chewing Gum Swag!

Chewing of gums which mostly used to be of the strawberry flavour was the coolest thing we did as kids back then. The worst thing about these chewing gums was finding these chewed gums stuck at all odd places. We bet, most of us would have seen or come across this!

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The Special Chocolates!

These toffees or chocolates had a great value, as passing on the chocolate to the girl/boy on whom you had a crush on would surely bring a smile on his/her face! Or just enjoying the "Elaichi" flavour of this toffee was the best thing ever under the sun!


The Fountain Pen Ink!

It was in the mid-school that most of us started using the famous fountain pens and running short of ink on an everyday basis was a regular thing. Borrowing ink from your classmate or friend was the best experience, as we never had to drop even a single drop of it to be called an expert!


Chewing Of Pencil Ends!

Guess chewing this could help us concentrate more! The disgusting feeling would be when you borrow your friends pencil and end up chewing it; and if it was already chewed by them, then nothing was worse than that!


The Geometry Box

Owning a brand new "NATRAJ or Camlin" geometry box was the best and costliest treasure that you could own during the school days. Ensuring that the instruments were kept back in the right positions was way too important for us!


The Key To All Toys!

Owning this spanner was way too important to operate the toys that needed keys to function. So how many of us felt efficient when we used this instrument? Wish to check more? Then, keep scrolling down!


The Walkman!

Confess that you listened to those 90s memorable songs only on this? Humming or singing loudly with the earplugs made us feel like a rock star, while we looked like fools singing in the weirdest way possible!


The Cassette Collection!

Admit it, the more number of cassettes we owned, the more it made us feel rich. Who can forget that tightening of the cassette tape! Recording and re-recording on the same tapes used to be so much fun.


The Joy Of Water Boats!

Playing with water boats during the rainy season was the best game that we could think of whenever we came across water puddles. When the boats would collide with that of our friends, it would instantly increase our happiness factor.


The Gun!

And once you had this toy gun, you started behaving like a boss. This was the craze especially when it was Diwali time. Using the gun and pretending to be an officer or enacting a cowboy/girl was a prestigious thing back then.


The Video Game!

Who never liked playing the brick game or the snake and ladder video game? We bet, we all thoroughly have been there and done that! Breaking our own records was a craze, as we did not wish to share it with our own siblings, forget friends!


These Special Shoes!

Owning shoes that had lights in them with music was a big deal back then. The ones who had these shoes wore them in the evenings to show how cool they are! Of course, these memories are so nostalgic!


Mango Fruity, Fresh And Juicy!

How many of us remember this yummy fruity mango drink? There were very less choices back then and these little things made it even more worth treasuring and special!


The Lantern Days

Those summer days when the power went right just before the exam time would make us reach out to these lanterns. Admit it, you did get lost by just staring at the flame.


The Card Collection!

Collecting cards of our favourite WWF characters or even favourite movie stars was our real hobby. The more number of cards we possessed, the bigger fans we were called. Not to forget, watching these WWF matches every evening and trying the stunts with our younger sibling was the best time pass.


Water Flasks!

Drinking water from these flasks was the only thing we knew. Avoiding drinking water from school taps was a must, as we were sternly warned not to drink from them to avoid cholera or other water-borne diseases.


The Unique Switchboards

Now, you can't find this "switch box" anymore in your house. These kinds of switch boxes were commonly seen in our grandparents house. Of course, we hardly got chances to switch them off, as they were way too high.


The Postbox And The Antenna

Even though post offices exist these days, most of us have never used them, as everything happens over e-mails. The case is the same with the TV antennas. Climbing on the rooftop and setting it right to watch our favourite classic DD serials and other shows was a regular thing.


The Exam Boards!

Using the cardboard as a medium to cheat in the exam halls was a common thing. Though it was hardly used later, we felt clipping the paper in the right way was way more important than filling the exam sheet!

If you have any such memories to be shared, then do share them with us in the comment section below.

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Story first published: Friday, July 14, 2017, 22:32 [IST]
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