Meet The Woman Behind The Voice Of Apple's “SIRI”

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With new inventions, our life has become quite interesting and quite laid back. If we need to find the route to the nearest restaurant, all that we do is talk to our phone and it takes us through the path.

Sometimes we tend to play with these talking back apps. One of it is the famous 'SIRI'. This is an application of the famous phone brand Apple! She literally has changed the way a man would look at his phone as she has answers for everything!

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We are here to reveal the face behind the famous voice of SIRI and must say, she is a very beautiful woman!


Her Name Is...

She is "Susan Bennet", who is the voice behind Siri. She has another feather in her cap as she is the same woman who gave her voice to Tillie, the first ATM machine in the world!

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She Began Her Career 40 Years Ago!

She began her career some 40 years ago as "Tillie the All-Time Teller," the first ATM machine.


She Is Multi-Talented!

She has quite a versatile personality as she is a singer, voice actor and keyboard player as well! Apart from this she works and plays in the Atlanta area; music indeed has been a huge part of her life.


Daily Interactions

It's been more than five years that we have been with Siri. Bennet's voice is the one that millions hear from their phone on a daily basis. Her voice was used for iPhone operating systems.


No One Told Her She Was Going To Be The Voice Of Siri!

Yeah! That is quite a shocking statement as Bennet did not know that she was auditioning for the voice of SIRI, unless she was made aware by a fellow voice actor who emailed her and asked if it was her voice!


Apparently She Did It For Another Project!

Since Susan had done a lot of interactive voice response work, SIRI was developed based on recording sessions she had done with another company. After which Apple chose to use her voice!

Whichever way, we simply love to hear her voice as SIRI! Do leave some comments in the comment section below.

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